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RIKEN Open Life Science Platform


New members

Jun 14, 2023

We are pleased to welcome six PIs as members of OLSP from FY2023.

  • BDR Laboratory for Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Team
    Team Leader: Yoshihiro Shimizu
  • BDR Laboratory for Developmental Genome System
    Team Leader: Takefumi Kondo
  • BDR Laboratory for Brain Connectomics Imaging
    Team Leader: Takuya Hayashi
  • BDR Laboratory for Protein Functional and Structural Biology
    Team Leader: Mikako Shirouzu
  • BRC Plant-Microbe Symbiosis Research and Development Team
    Team Leader: Yasunori Ichihashi
  • CBS Laboratory for Molecular Pathology of Psychiatric Disorders
    Team Leader: Atsushi Takata