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RIKEN Open Life Science Platform


RIKEN Symposia: RIKEN Hackathon Open Symposium (Mar. 24-25, 2022)

Mar 8, 2022

We are co-sponsoring the RIKEN Hackathon Open Symposium on March 24 – 25. The purpose of this online symposium is to share information on open science and research DX.

For more details, please visit the RIKEN Hackathon website. (In Japanese only)


RIKEN Hackathon (RIKEN Internal event)

This is an internal event for RIKEN. From OLSP, we will give presentations by researchers accepted with internal open calls in FY2020 and our ontology working group.



RIKEN Hackahon Open Symposium

RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters (R-IH) pitched an internal open call for research projects to aim to maximize research results and promote open science through the promotion of the use of research data by ICT technologies. 10 remarkable projects were selected and are undergoing their research since October 2021. At this symposium, they present project outline, data generation, and utilization plans, leading to discussions on the promotion of the utilization of research data beyond the boundaries of the field.




Poster RIKEN Hackathon Open Symposium (PFD 1.6MB)