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RIKEN Open Life Science Platform



About this project

RIKEN launched a new project in FY2019 for promoting “open science.” Its aims are developing infrastructure technologies, collecting open data inside and outside of RIKEN, and conducting R&D to utilize and analyze open data. “Open Life Science Platform” is a part of the project, in which we collect and integrate life science data in multi-levels from molecules to organisms and in multi-modals with different types of observations for enabling the prediction of elaborate status of cells and individuals and the manipulation of them with data-driven approaches based on big-data analysis technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence. In practice, we will develop a new comprehensive analysis platform for quantitative representation and prediction of status of cells and individuals. To achieve this, we collect imaging, phenotypic and omics data of molecules, cells and individuals, that are being produced in RIKEN’s life science centers, with additional machine-readable metadata curated by experts in order to be accessible by computer programs. And we apply big data analysis methods based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to them. We expect that the platform will provide an optimized research navigation with the utilization of open big data, and then evolve our current research style by a new life science based on data-driven approaches.